Hair Removal

Please consult with me if you are using any prescription medication from a dermatologist.

Brow Wax/Shaping

15 minutes

Brow waxing and shaping.


Lip Wax

15 minutes

Waxing of upper lip and nostril if desired.


Chin Wax

20 minutes

Waxing of area around chin.


Underarm Wax

20 minutes

Waxing of underarm area.


Half Leg Wax

25 minutes

Waxing lower half of leg just above the knee.


Full Leg Wax

45 minutes

Waxing full leg just below the bikini line


Bikini Wax

25 minutes

Waxing bikini area.


Brazilian Wax

30 minutes


Back Wax

35 minutes

Waxing back and shoulder area.


Forearm Wax

20 minutes

Waxing area on hand and just above elbow.


Full Arm Wax

30 minutes

Waxing full arm including hand.

Eye Lash & Brow Tint

Eye Lash Tint

30 minutes

Vegetable based dye will beautifully enhance the look of your eyes, also great if you want to go with out using mascara.  Tint typically lasts about 3 weeks. Bring contact case to remove contacts during service.


Brow Tint

15 minutes

Vegetable based tint enhances the shape and gives the appearance of a thicker brow. Tint will typically last about 3 weeks.